Thursday, August 22, 2013

Teacher-Led Tech Conference Video

Here's a video of our teachers participating in the BCS/BCI Teacher-Led Tech Conference earlier this month!

Read more about the Teacher-Led Tech Conference in our earlier post.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Work Party at BCI!

Over the weekend, we had more than 200 parents, students, alumni, and teachers come out to help, rolling up their sleeves and tackling a multitude of different projects – from assembling lunch tables to organizing the staff room to setting up the FabLab and MakerSpace – to get our second site ready for the first week of school.

Please enjoy this slideshow from the work party on Sunday as a “thank you!” for those of you who were there.  And for the families that were not able to make it, I hope these pictures and a glimpse of BCI will allow you to share in the excitement of that day.  As the lyrics in the slideshow music say - we took care of business!

Music Credit: 
Randy Bachman - "Taking Care of Business" 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

3-D Prototype Trains - Made By Our Teachers!

Ms. Stone shows off her 3-D prototype!
Our staff members had a chance to experiment with new design software that will be in the FabLab@BCStoday.  Ms. Stone, our 7th grade Social Studies/ELA teacher, proudly showed off her 3-D plastic train - the "Stone Express" - that she made using a laser-cutting machine.  Ms. Stone said that she created the train by following a set of directions using a special design software program, and then with assistance, sent those plans to the laser cutter which produced her very first 3-D prototype.
"I am comfortable using technology, but I am not a designer, so it was a challenging project for me.  It was important for me to go through the same process my students will be going through this year so I could see all the adjustments and changes that needed to be made to the design before getting the finished product.”
Ms. Stone added, "I was working in a room full of other teachers, and when we saw the trains we all said - 'Whoa that is so cool!'  None of us can wait to share this with our students!"

Aptly named the Stone Express!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Teacher-Led Teach Conference at BCS!

As you know, BCS teachers are currently being locked out of their classrooms by the LASD board members.  While this has caused outraged throughout our BCS parent community, our teachers are not skipping a beat!

Teachers learn from Ms. Lura!
Today, all of our staff members participated in a BCS/BCI Teacher-Led Tech Conference as part of our annual two weeks of professional development leading up to the start of the school year.  Now that’s what we call being innovative!

Our talented staff members taught courses for their fellow teachers on topics ranging from “Blogging in the 21st Century Classroom” to “Assessing on the Go” in a series of workshops designed to highlight how some of the most effective technology tools such as Socrative, Doceri, Voki, and Edcanvas (among others) are being used to engage students andenhance BCS's individualized and blended learning models...all capitalizing on our most valuable resource at BCS and BCI - our teachers!

Check out the photo below to see our teachers leading the way in innovative teaching practices!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BCS In the News!

We’ve had so much good news today, we couldn't help but share it with everyone!
First, our Bullis Boosters Club (BBC) launched a successful summer camp last week to inspire confidence and promote enthusiasm for learning for students who would not normally have the opportunity to attend a camp in the Los Altos and Mountain View Whisman school districts.  Read more about their innovative projects and teacher collaboration in this Town Crier article.

We also had a wonderful write-up in Forbes Magazine, just released today, about our FabLab@BCS.  This article includes an interview with Superintendent/Principal Wanny Hersey and our FabLab Director, David Malpica, detailing the benefits of our partnership with Stanford University and how our FabLab can be used to truly make a difference in children’s lives.

And our incredible staff reported back to work this week after summer break.  Here is a picture of them collaborating, ideating, and creating some amazingly innovative curriculum plans for your students next year.

Ms. Lanzot and Ms. Stone collaborate on a new project
jenny speaking
Ms. Cheng shares her project ideas with the staff