Friday, July 19, 2013

Design Thinking at BCS and BCI!

In preparation for our unique opportunity to teach students at BCI, over 20 of our staff members just completed two-days collaborating and creating units that integrate the Design Thinking process and enhance our existing PBLs, led by Marcy Barton, founder of  Marcy, who travels around the world teaching educators how to integrate 21st Century learning in the classrooms, commented on our impressive group of teachers at the training. 

"They are inspiring!  They are creative, productive, innovative - everything that Design Thinking is about, they've got it in spades!"

We couldn’t agree more!  You can hear directly from our teachers about their experience:  Mr. Gross tells us what Design Thinking projects he is already planning for his students next year, our new Art Specialist Mrs. Felder shares her enthusiasm about joining the BCS team, and Ms. Cheng explains why she is so excited about the upcoming school year.

design thinking 2
A group of teachers from different grade levels/specialties collaborates on their first design thinking challenge!

design thinking 1