Friday, April 17, 2015

Young Artists Showcase at SCCOE

For the second year in a row, BCS has two students whose work were selected by the Santa Clara County Office of Education to be displayed as a part of their permanent collection at their offices in Santa Clara!

Please join me in congratulating kindergarten students Alyssa and Aaron on this great achievement!  Alyssa and Aaron are two of only 30 students countywide whose pieces will join the largest collection of adjudicated student artwork in California.  

Aaron’s artwork, titled “Get the Bad Guys” shows a police car rushing to arrest some bank robbers.  When asked about his inspiration for this piece, he said, “I like police officers, and I love cars.  I would like to catch bad guys such as robbers and thieves.”

Alyssa wanted everyone to see a smiling panda in her winning piece titled, “Playing Panda” that she painted because she and her sister both like pandas. Alyssa added feet to her panda to make him look like he is walking. She is most proud of the mouth she drew on the panda.